In Guatemala, when it rains, it pours.
After breakfast, we headed to el Centro to sit once again. I forsee it being a common pastime.  We were approached by another young Guatemalan whom I expected to try to sell us something at some point during the conversation. Yet he didn't really-just offered to take us to the Cerro de la Cruz. He was very friendly though, complimenting me on my Spanish. Originally from Lago de Atitlan, he said he was in Antigua as an artesania, selling items that others had made.

He gave me a clue into the world of many of these individuals that one so frequently encounters in el centro. Many of them seem to be from smaller villages in other parts of the country, yet they come to Antigua and other similar places to sell their artisan things and pay to stay somewhere all together. We even talked about global warming! He undoubtedly was a smart kid. He said he also spoke Quiche and taught us to say "hello" (too long to remember) and "good" (utz). After a while, we left him to go to the market which I sort of felt bad about though I'm not sure why.

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